Herewith is a selection of various documents, to assist you to pass your K53 Learner’s Test, as well as the Practical Test. For the A and A1 licenses.


There is 3 Variants on the K53 Written Exam. You never know which one you will get, so download all 3 and study all 3.  All in PDF and 1.2MB per book.

BOOK A Click to Download

BOOK B Click to Download

BOOK C Click to Download

OK, so you passed your Learner’s Test.


As from Feb 2010,  your Learners Licence is valid for 2 years, from the date it’s issued*

*National Road Traffic Act (93/1996): Extension for the validity period of a learners license (Gazette No. 32959 – Notice 134)


As soon as you have your Learner’s Licence, make it a priority to get your Permanent License.

1. Speak to your friends who are licenced and ask them what riding school they used. You don’t have to make use of a riding school, but your chances of passing your practical test is much better. If you can not find a riding school in your area, join our forum for advice.

2. Download this document, to see how you will be tested. This document is in both English and Afrikaans.

PRACTICAL TEST Click to Download PDF, 522kb

GOOD LUCK with your Practical Test and let us know of your experiences on our forum.


Protect yourself and wear the best protective gear, you can afford.