Hi, should you wish to contact the ADMIN of this page, either by phone or email, please note the following:

(The past 5 years has been quite an eye opener)

NO. I do NOT sell scooters. Not new ones, nor 2nd hand ones.

NO. I do not offer finance, nor loans. So, don’t even ask.

NO. I do not work on scooters for FREE. Nor supply parts for FREE.

NO. I do not wish to have an elaborate discussion with you by sms or on Whatsapp.

NO. I do not wish to talk to you on the phone, before 10am in the morning or after 3pm in the afternoon.

* YES. I offer FREE Advice and will help as much as possible. BUT, in my own time.

Thus, if you need to contact me and you’ve read and understood the aforementioned, please drop me a clear and understandable email at and I will reply as soos as I have a moment of clarity.

Kind Regards