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BAT – Bikers Against Tolls


Copied from their BAT FaceBook group.

Urgent appeal

Bikers against E-Tolls SA

BAT is now at its zenith regarding our campaign. We will be making this year the turning point in this campaign by making a demand to Government via a Memorandum of Demand. This will be that Motorcycles must become exempt from Tolling Fees. If our demands are rejected, we plan to take them to the courts. We have the president set in GP, with reduced fees on E Tolling, we will win to get National tolls reduced, but hopefully scrapped for Bikers.

However we have found that many Riders Patched and otherwise have never heard of BAT or our campaign event though after two years of campaigning, mass rides Nationally, TV coverage, a monthly column in biker Lifestyle Magazine and weekly road shows to day jols and Rallies, we stand at only 5% of bikers who follow or support the campaign.

Meeting patched club members in Gauteng that have never heard of us two years in is disturbing. We have put in thousands of hours into this campaign but still seem to be failing to reaching every one. With all the Media assistance and the exposure we are still running horribly short.

Our appeal is to the presidents, or officers of the club to assist us in informing all your members of the campaign, a mail to all your members would be of great help to spread the word. We know not every one is on FB, or rather seldom, so miss many posts, or have never been added to the group. we cannot win this on our own, and you all play an integral part of the success of this campaign.

Every set of wheels that shows up on the 14th, to face the Dept of Transport, makes that much more impact. We as Bikers Nationally can sway the same power as any Trade Union in this country, with 374 000 registerd motorcycles. We stand a chance to win with your help.

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