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Urgent appeal

Bikers against E-Tolls SA

BAT is now at its zenith regarding our campaign. We will be making this year the turning point in this campaign by making a demand to Government via a Memorandum of Demand. This will be that Motorcycles must become exempt from Tolling Fees. If our demands are rejected, we plan to take them to the courts. We have the president set in GP, with reduced fees on E Tolling, we will win to get National tolls reduced, but hopefully scrapped for Bikers.

However we have found that many Riders Patched and otherwise have never heard of BAT or our campaign event though after two years of campaigning, mass rides Nationally, TV coverage, a monthly column in biker Lifestyle Magazine and weekly road shows to day jols and Rallies, we stand at only 5% of bikers who follow or support the campaign.

Meeting patched club members in Gauteng that have never heard of us two years in is disturbing. We have put in thousands of hours into this campaign but still seem to be failing to reaching every one. With all the Media assistance and the exposure we are still running horribly short.

Our appeal is to the presidents, or officers of the club to assist us in informing all your members of the campaign, a mail to all your members would be of great help to spread the word. We know not every one is on FB, or rather seldom, so miss many posts, or have never been added to the group. we cannot win this on our own, and you all play an integral part of the success of this campaign.

Every set of wheels that shows up on the 14th, to face the Dept of Transport, makes that much more impact. We as Bikers Nationally can sway the same power as any Trade Union in this country, with 374 000 registerd motorcycles. We stand a chance to win with your help.

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Guys and girls. Apart from having the ability to ride your scooter or your bike, would you risk you life riding a machine that WILL KILL you? NO?

Then why do we see so many ‘scraps’ on the road? Scooters or bikes that can only be called DEATH TRAPS.!!!

You do not have to be a mechanical engineer or learned person, to keep you scoot/bike in a safe condition. Its basic people. You do the following before you get on your scoot/bike or any other scoot/bike for that reason. Even the one you are just taking for a quick spin around  the block.

  • Sit on the scooter/bike and push it forward, while applying first the front and then the rear brake lever. If there is excessive play on the levers or weird noises and the scoot/bike fails to stop, do not ride it!!!
  • Ensure the tires are properly inflated. ALWAYS!! Even when you make a quick stop on route, give them a visual check. An under or over deflated tire is dangerous!! ALSO ensure there is no visible cuts or deformations. And that there is enough wear on the tire.
  • Fuel – Obvious!! So is engine oil level. And if you can see the brake fluid levels, even better. If you see a leak of any kind, fix it before you go for a ride.
  • Ensure everything on the scoot/bike is fastened properly. Even your luggage.
  • Check that your lights work. Including your indicators.
  • Check the mirrors. Are they clean and can you see behind you?
  • Ensure the controls work. All the switches and turn the throttle a few times while the engine is off. If you notice anything that you do not feel comfortable with, get it fixed asap.
  • And if you start a scooter or a bike and there is weird noises or excessive smoke coming from the exhaust or anywhere from the scooter, switch off and have your scooter checked out.

Above is just a few simple steps you can make part of your daily riding habit. I’ve been doing it for the past 20 years and many times refused to ride, because I did not feel happy with something. And I am still here to write this article, so obviously it helped to keep me alive all those years.

And I’ve seen many fatal accidents over the years, caused by the lack of general maintenance.

And here is another bit of very important advise. Resist taking a mate’s scoot or bike for a spin. You don’t know the scoot/bike. You don’t know what works and what does not work. A lot of accidents happen on scooters or bikes you are not familiar with.






Scooter Trikes


Ok. I’ve seen all kind of trikes. Motorcycle front ends with a Beetle rear end and various other configurations.

But, I’ve never seen a Scooter converted into a Trike.

And here it is, Ladies and Gents.

Built by Edwin Brown from Different Bike Customs in Elsies River, Cape Town.

Click on the photo to go to their FB page.


OBJECTIVE #1 of riding


Before we discuss the 1st OBJECTIVE of riding, let’s make the following very clear!!! You ride to live, to ride another day!! If that is not your objective, please stop reading as the rest of this article will NOT make any sense to you. Your chances of becoming just another sad and tragic statistic is very high.



You are in control of your life and you MUST be in control of your scooter or bike. Thus, if you feel that you do not have the necessary skills or experience, change that immediately.

  • Ride in such a manner that you do not put yourself in unnecessary risk.
  • Ensure your scooter/bike is mechanically sound and will get you to your destination.
  • Wear as much protective clothing you can afford. Bare minimum is a helmet, gloves and sturdy shoes that will protect your feet. Obviously sturdy pants and a jacket, if you have.
  • Get some training or get riding advise from other riders with more experience.
  • Be noticed while you ride. Headlights on. Even wear a High Visibility jacket, if you have.
  • Tell people where you will be going and what time they can expect you.
  • Ensure you have the applicable emergency numbers saved on your phone.


See the follow up article, 1st Rule of riding.



By Eyewitness News


petrol price drop

The petrol price will fall 93 cents a litre and diesel will cost R1.02 less a litre.

JOHANNESBURG – The price of petrol will decrease by 93 cents a litre (c/l) from Wednesday, the Energy Department revealed on Friday.

The price of diesel will drop by R1.02c/l.

The decrease was attributed to lower international crude prices. Brent crude is on track to post a 14 percent fall for January, marking a seventh month of decline in prices.

This is also the seventh straight month that petrol and diesel prices have dropped or stayed fixed in South Africa.

The price of unleaded 95 petrol dropped by a cumulative total of R4.02 per litre since August.

Petrol prices dropped a record R1,27c/l in January.

VERY GOOD news for all vehicle owners…..EXCELLENT news for scooter/bike owners.




Guys and girls, no matter your attitude towards the two wheeled community, the following video will give you an insight to the mind of a two wheeler.

I really wish it can happen as it happens in this video. That our hurt can make a difference.

VESPA 300GTS review coming soon….

Keep an eye on our website.

We will soon review the fabulous VESPA 300GTS and we will invite all scooterers to join us. The review will include a scenic ride around Cape Town and there will be a photo shoot with all attending scooter riders in the shoot.

Tentative date: Saturday 31 Jan. Final details will be conveyed nearer to the date.


Fuel/Air Ratio Adjustment


Applicable to Carburetted Petrol Engines. In Fuel Injected engines, the fuel/air ratio is constantly monitored and adjusted by the Engine Management System or ECU.

In order to adjust the Fuel/Air ration of any carburetted engine, you need some kind of measuring device. Some okes play it by ear. Some will run the engine for a while and inspect the colour of the plug electrode. This might be effective, but its time consuming. And with the various petrol grades you get these days, it becomes very difficult to do correctly.

Another way to do this, is to use a Gas Analyser. Some has an air tube that you clamp to the exhaust outlet. And it analyses the exhaust gases as you make small adjustments to the Air or Fuel correction screws. Some screw into the spark plug.

Unfortunately, these Analysers are a bit expensive. Fine if you have a Garage and enough work to justify the costs, but not for the ‘once only’ private person. Technological advances has resulted in some of these analysers as small as wrist watches, but if you want something robust and reliable, expect to fork out a lot of money.

Then there is ColourTune. An old but reliable device. Its basically a spark plug, that allows you to see what happens inside the combustion chamber. Very scarce in South Africa and most of the older mechanics used to have them. Nowadays most cars are Fuel Injected and there is no need for such a device, but its ideal for our carburetted scooters.

If you can lay your hands on one of these, consider yourself very lucky. And if you know where one can buy locally, let us know.



Here is a Video of it in action.


SA Drag Racing Scoots for Sale


Five 205cc Drag Racing Scooters.
Each machine will be completed as per further spec of the new owner.

Price is determined according to work done and parts included on each individual machine.
NB. Not for road use, these machines have been built according to the “All GY6 Scooter” specification.
No exports out of Africa will be considered.

Click on the Photo to go to their FB page, where you will find more information as well as their contact details.


SA SCOOTERS has the potential to be the “Top Gear” of the SA scooter market.

For the above to be true, we need members’ input. People willing to go to dealers and suppliers

Organize a scooter or a product, take it for a ride and do a review on it. Same with protective gear. Or any other scooter related products out there. Even the okes selling modding stuff will be happy to provide mods on a loan basis, so that they can get a review of their product on SA SCOOTERS

This means that members who feel they are capable to do stuff like this, must step up to the plate and just do it. Being a member of SA SCOOTERS they automatically qualify as representatives of SA SCOOTERS and has SA SCOOTERS’s approval and blessing.


Where is the Jeremy Clarkson’s of Scooting? The Richard Hammond’s? Or our own captain slow, James May? And there can be many of each. Each member on this forum has the opportunity to build himself a ‘persona’ and SA SCOOTERS profile. In his/her own time and leisure.

This is an opportunity like no other. Where else would a person have this mandate? A mandate they could develop and shape, that will portray themselves as ‘reviewers’ of all scooters in SA or scooter related products. Develop their own SA SCOOTERS image and persona!? SA SCOOTERS encourages this. We want it!!!!!

1. The opportunity is there.

2. You have the support and blessing

What are you waiting for?

Join the forum if you haven’t yet and do it!!!